Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Water: Skin Care 4 Self Care

Greetings to You!

I hope you are embracing your autumn blessed. Out here in the pacific northwest (pnw) we are starting to get a little more rain and the leaves have turned into pillars of fire dancing in the soft cool wind. I notice as you may also every turn of season I tend to not feel the need to drink water. I know my body needs it. So, what is happening exactly?

The reality is we are most often chronically dehydrated and not even aware of it. By the time we actually feel thirsty we are lacking proper fluids for our skin to function. The skin cells will happily give water to the vital organs to keep you alive before it keeps your supple skin beautiful. During hotter months we thirst quicker than during cooler months. Yet we still need the same amount of water if not more to keep our bodies cool, or warm.

I've learned to drink water at room temperature year round to be consistent in hydrating my body. I drink water 15 minutes before a meal and 30 minutes after a meal. Anytime I feel the urge to snack, I drink water first! Sometimes our bodies are looking for hydration and the urge feels more like hunger.

So, you don't like to drink a lot of water? Instead of other beverages try raw fruits and veggies. They contain water and your body will absorb it readily. Eating these everyday also helps keep your body hydrated.

During these times your skin may start to feel drier from moving from cold air to warm air frequently. My advice is to keep a bottle of your oil free spray moisturizer close by to spray your skin anytime you feel drier than usual. And, also keep a bottle of water handy for internal use!

Enjoy your autumn, keep drinking your water. Alkaline is best! I like the taste of spring water personally. I'll alkaline it by adding a splash of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

Love Power!
Crystal, LE

ps - For beautiful skin and body drink a minimum of half your body weight in water daily...Need more info? Click here for wellness coaching at your fingertips!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Turn Over A New Leaf

Greetings to You on this lovely autumn day,

I hope all is well. And by chance it may not be, I can assure you it is all well. October is about change and improvement. Sometimes you might not realize you are resisting the change. When the change is going in a direction you're not, it's still a change as you learn to let go and move forward on your path.

The leaves are changing right now. Your body is changing right now. Your being is changing... Imagine a deciduous tree that refused to let go of leaves in the fall. Imagine your skin refusing to let go of dead skin cells. That would become a serious problem. You see when it's time to change for some it's also a time to let go. Not everyone is an evergreen. Change and letting go is a wonderful experience giving you an opportunity to improve your being and yes, empower your beauty!

Your skin care should reflect this change. Your blessed skin is a defender to your body and a messenger for your being. Allow autumn to become your season for self care through skin care. You can learn how to bless your skin and bless yourself  in the process.

Spa Nubia has wonderful events to help you to grow and understand your connections through your skin internally and externally. Understanding your skin holistically is major step in your health and wellbeing as a whole. So go ahead! Turn over a new leaf; look, face, cell, body, & aura!

You deserve to be beautiful!
​Crystal, LE

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Glow with the Harvest Moon!

The energy created from the moonlight can beautify us in so many ways. Many of us aren't aware how the earth's beauty is dependent on the moonlight. The plants we eat that nourish our bodies vibrate with abundance due to the blessed moonlight. The energy from those same plants when we consume them radiates within our bodies healing and regenerating. The same plants when placed on your skin will do the same--empowering your beauty!

Do you also remember the moonlight is light from the sun? This is why in some ancient texts it's referred to as the lesser light. It's soft hues don't emit powerful rays. It just glows an energy that is empowered by something much greater. Kinda like you and me!

So dance in the full moonlight! Embrace the transition it brings! Yes, you deserve to be beautiful!

Love Power!
Jahnel Crystal Profit, LE Royal Nubian

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Prepare Yourself to Be Beautiful!

Autumn is approaching and the season is beginning to change. It's a time of transitioning wherever you are right now in this world. It's also a time to prepare! You see this in nature. Animals that hibernate begin to eat more. Ants gather food and go underground. You see the birds start to take off in patterned flights heading south.

How shall you prepare for your change? Will you make it a change for abundance, greatness, and love? Or, will you make it a lesson to be learned? Whichever one you choose allow it to empower your essence and make you beautiful as the autumn colors.

Your skin deserves to be prepped for the change in seasons also. Don't wait until cold dry wind starts to blow. Start hydrating your skin daily now using Royal Nubian's oil free spray moisturizers. This Autumn we are adding 2 new formulas for hydrating the skin: Calming Sea and Rejuvenating Spa, both for all skin types with names that says it all.

Or visit one of our spa locations and have a Sea Oxygen Hydrating Facial. Are you in the Tacoma/Seattle Washington area? Visit the new location Spa Nubia Organic Facial Bar for the best treatments your skin could ever desire!

Love Power!
Jahnel Crystal Profit, LE

Empowering Your Beauty!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Your Tween and Skin Care (Back to School)

As I think back to when I was 11, my morning skin care routine before school involved the simplest steps. I used water alone to wash my face and I remember using some form of cocoa butter cream for my face and the remainder of my body. I always bathed at night before bed to wash off the day and germs. So my mornings ran quickly with ease even though I loved to sleep to the last minute of the alarm clock sounding off for school. Every morning before school was a simple quick routine of: 1. brushing my teeth, 2. washing my face, and 3. moisturizing my skin and hair all before putting on clothes and eating breakfast.

Now a mother of 3, I noticed morning skin care routines for my children seem more like a chore than good hygiene. As each one becomes a tween they just aren’t that interested in good hygiene for this moment in life. My simple steps I teach, which now includes a mild cleanser (instead of my childhood water), are just one to many. It’s almost like they are wishing for a magic portal to make them fresh and ready to walk out the door. Or even better, they’re waiting for me to do it for them!

Tweens may seem to have a hard time adjusting to their changing bodies and lives as they head off to middle school or junior high. Making sure they keep up with a good skin care routine is good for their health and hygiene. It also sets a good platform for them to continue on into their teenage years (when they really want it!). My advice is to keep their products simple and gentle. Now is a good time to introduce them to natural formulas to keep their skin as healthy as possible. If your tween has any active skin conditions like acne or eczema, inquire with your health practitioner about using natural alternatives first to treat their skin with nutrition integrated. Early prevention and correction can promote their self confidence among their peers and educators.

Your natural mild cleanser should only contain 10% soap or cleansing agent. If it contains more than that I recommend cutting it with oil and/or water. Too much soap or cleanser is very drying especially on young skin. To find out how much cleansing agent is in a bottle read the ingredient label. If it’s the first 1 to 3 ingredients listed it’s about 50% or more in content or you can call the company for the details. Try a moisturizer that’s aloe based first before using oil based. If your tween skin is still dry after using an aloe based, the oil based would work best.

After they have done their best in completing their morning routine and before they head out the door; look at your beautiful child/tween and remind them how beautiful they are inside and how gorgeous or handsome they are outside! They’re only a tween once! Make these years an easy transition you’ll both enjoy.

Love Power!

Jahnel Profit, Licensed Esthetician & Herbal Skin Care Therapist

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Natural Hair is Natural Skin

I love the fact that so many wooly haired women have turned away from chemical based products to claim their beauty. So why shouldn't your skin care follow the same principle? Well, it should.

Your hair is in fact an extension of the skin. The hair acts like a vehicle into the pores of the skin. What you put on your hair has the ability to be absorbed into the skin and into the bloodstream. Now that you are aware of this fact begin to consider changing your skin care and hair care products to a more natural and organic composition.

Royal Nubian Skin Care is a natural apothecary with the ability to custom formulate for the skin and hair. Whatever conditions you are experiencing with your skin or hair Royal Nubian can create products to beautify you without chemicals to hinder your progress.

Visit the website at for more information.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Sugar: Beauty's Antidote and Antithesis

I'm a huge fan of sugar! I always have been since my childhood: looking forward to every holiday that allowed me to indulge. Growing up I started limiting myself to candy and foods with added bleached sugars because I wanted healthy teeth, then as a young adult because I wanted a healthy body. One year as a young adult while out with family I noticed something strange. I attempted to eat a sugary based treat as an indulgent. After consuming a couple of bites my stomach said, "hell no!" My body without my conscious awareness had detoxed itself from bleached sugar and food products. After that unpleasant experience, I stuck to raw sugar or alternative natural sweeteners, whole grains, etc...

Fast forward about a decade I begin researching skin treatments for my daughter. I discovered the components of sugar and its’ blessed reactions with the skin. Soon I began experimenting and mixing natural compounds. What I found to be true: Sugar is a natural skin healer and regenerator. I'm not speaking of just a scrub with some oils, yes those are great. I'm speaking of making a natural base formula to do better than what most skin care companies claim and cannot. Sugar is an antidote for certain skin conditions, including aging!

Now, let's go back in time to me eating sugar (candy, desserts, and foods/beverages with added sugars). I noticed the more my nutritional intake heightened and became more plant based, my body responded to these foods (be it added raw sugar or a natural alternative) more negatively. It just didn't want it. However, my tongue and other mentally driven desires said otherwise. The added sweetness to my food made me feel, sooooo good! Oatmeal, vegan pancakes, whole grain vegan desserts just called my name for the soothing of my taste bud soul. I was addicted like every other person in the US. Sugar was my drug. My body would soon pay the price if I didn’t stop using it.

I looked into the effects on the body to see if anyone experienced symptoms like me. My blood was tested several times. I was found not even close to being diabetic. What I did find was that sugar made the digestive organs work harder. It also causes dehydration. Worst, it feeds cancer cells. Overall, it is a premature aging factor/contributor. In my opinion it can do more harm than the sun because it’s internal. I realized sugar can be an antithesis to the body when consumed outside of its’ source.

I decided to look deeper into my addiction. I wanted to shake it. I managed to eliminate raw cane sugar from my house, only to replace it with coconut sugar and agave. Still I was purchasing foods made with organic cane sugar (or evaporated cane juice). I needed help. A nutritional coach asked me to look into my personal life and note where I was lacking "sweetness". I never heard this before. I thought the question would be easy but it wasn’t. I had self-love, I had beautiful children, my love life was okay (I thought). I truly felt empowered. Still something sweet was missing. I had to look into places that weren't so obvious. I had to look into the depths of my heart. A place where sugar became the replacement for the true sweetness I was missing from my life.

So began my journey of emotional healing…. My long story made short, I was missing my inner love that’s truly sweet. My deep desires that remained subconscious due to responsibilities that took precedent over my inner needs. I changed my prayers to focus on me opening doors and receiving the sweetness that made me feel sooooo good. How can I expect my children or anyone I mentor to have their sweet heart’s desires if I myself have not experienced it? It was time to start pursuing what I buried deep down, due to whatever! It made me see that in all my self-empowerment I did not value myself as much as I thought I did. It was time to come out of my comfort zone and step onto the stage of life I sing about. Be seen, be known, and share without fear of judgement, or failure, or even success! Now, I can start tasting the sweetness; the sweetness of me.

This past June, I decided to eliminate 100% of added sugars and sweeteners completely from my nutritional intake. Since then, it has not been easy. I succumbed three times: once to a sample of a vegan chocolate chip whole grain cookie made for my sons actually; second to a slice of birthday cake my sons help make for a celebration; and third to a taste of a berry sorbet while visiting the Cascade Mountains. It’s a process and each day gets better. My body feels lighter, my chronic fatigue headaches have subsided, and of course I look 2-3 years younger than I did before.

Each day I remind myself I’m sweet enough. Each day I focus on tasting life’s sweetness pouring on me, fulfilling my heart’s secret desires that make me feel sooooo good. Some days it’s simply speaking with a friend that fills my heart. Most days it’s been working on my music and songs. So, I definitely see where this is going. I have a feeling I’ll be singing full time by next summer. When I sing, I can feel the sweetness. I’m heightened and in my full zenith. It’s where I belong, wrapped in a song.

I bet any money you feel inspired by this. Seeing you do, let me help you find your sweetness in life. My coaching experience can guide you to where your true sweetness and beauty sits waiting on you to reveal it. In doing so you’ll let go of harmful food addictions that replace what you are really longing for—sweet.

Love Power!,
Jahnel "Crystal Queen" Profit, LE