Friday, December 29, 2017

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Forget this Blasphemous Mother's Day!

Much has changed with us this past year. Many of our ancestors who slept are resurrecting. Many are being reborn. Which elevates us higher to "teach you all things and bring all things back to your remembrance."

Mother is European meaning lowly. The others all across this earth plane never had respect towards their maternal beings (hence the term mother !#*-er). To the others She was the equivalence of a female dog. We, afro indigenous beings, honored and loved our Maters and our Mamas. We bestowed the term Alma Mater (First/Blessed Ma) to the Moors who used it in the scholar establishments which is still practiced to this day! Everytime you say Happy Mother's Day you curse your Mater physically and spiritually to her face. Please refrain from using this or giving honor to this blasphemous holiday. Reality check: "Everyday is Mama's Day" = Day of our Mater!

Let who has ears listen.

Praise, protection, power, peace, and prosperity be unto us.

Love Power
Original "Crystal" Queen

"We are the true Alma Mater"

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thirsty Skin = Thirsty Soul

Drink and Be Quenched!
During the winter season it's possible to drink less water which leads to dehydration. Usually you become aware of this when your lips start to dry out and your face and body feels really dry. What's the first thing you reach for? Oils, creams, butter, lotions... This may sound suitable but you are lacking something truly important: Water.
The skin is the first to lose water to hydrate those vital organs for life. You'll feel it in your skin first, then next your digestive system will complain and so on... Drink room temperature water throughout the day during your winter months. Make sure you're drinking half of your body weight (water in ounces). You can alkaline it for taste using a tsp of lime, lemon, or apple cider vinegar (no sweetener).
Winter also correlates to your dark side. During your dark times (or personal winter) there is healing, processing, reasoning,...silent work going on! These times are necessary for your growth. When you attempt to ignore this phase or skip it all together you are dehydrating your soul. Think of your spiritual body as a plant or tree. You need various elements to grow and produce fruit. You are here to grow and produce spiritual fruit. It is what our creator intended for us. When you are giving your spiritual body what is needs to grow, you will only mirror the same with your physical body. Likewise, when you ignore your spiritual body it's made obvious in how you treat your physical body.
When you are truly quenched then and only then can the oil of life seal you into safety and perfection, skin & body + heart & soul: Empowering Your Beauty!

Love Power!
J. Crystal Profit El
Empress Jahnel Crystal Queen

Monday, October 31, 2016

Do you really need eye cream?

Oh what a little eye cream will do! At least that's how the cosmetic industry tells the story. I learned very early in life dabbing cream around the eyes was a serious marketing trick to make you think you're accomplishing something, only to need more and more. Certain skin types, will bypass the temporary high and head straight into the "what just happened to under my eye" phase!

The skin around your eye is the most delicate part of your facial area. Still, it's quite resilient when treated properly. Damage to the eye area starts off well before the effects are noticed:
  1. Makeup - We are eager to start wearing it! I see girls in high school doing it up daily. Each time you put makeup on the eyelids and around the eye area, then later remove it the damage has begun. Stress not--we can fix that!
  2. Cleansing - We usually pull down and tug around the eyes when cleansing and/or drying. After years of this habit, imagine the damage. Fear not--time heals all wounds!
  3. Sun Protection - Squinting....years of it. Need I elaborate more? Relax--where are your sunglasses? Or reading glasses maybe?
  4. Allergies/ Stress - Our emotions affect our health. Our Health affects our bodies. Our reactions are usually hands to the face in some form of pulling and tugging. Yes, that can be mutated. Did I say mutated? Yes, yes I did.
See, the truth is: fancy $$$$ cream and concoctions will mask the situation just enough to keep you buying more. Or, at least until you decide to have surgery. What do I suggest you say? Well for starters, aloe gel is the first go to for anyone under the age of 28 years. And please purchase only natural organic 100% aloe gel or start harvesting the plants yourself.

Start using 100% natural minerals to enhance your skin tone. Your makeup should always wash clean--one time. I have been on tv (Oklahoma days) and also I post videos regularly. I only wear minerals or nothing. I have seen women with their face caked with makeup for stage and tv. You must start taking care of your skin. This is where your protection and communication soars.

Learn proper skincare techniques. I give holistic skincare coaching and workshops often. You are welcome to join or sign up! Most workshops are free! (email me for details)

Meditation, exercise, and better nutritional habits will keep you healthy and help reduce your stress level. This does wonders for your skin! When you are balanced your skin can naturally glow!

Over 28? Herbal extracts will work faster to heal than any cream will. At night seal your treatment with your aloe and/ or a natural oil that contains vitamin e. Royal Nubian's oil free spray moisturizers contain herbal extracts to tighten the eye area and nourish cells for healing.

40's and up--you should try the Royal Nubian's enzyme treatments. These formulas were designed to assist your skin in healing and regeneration.

You asked the question, and I hope you are enjoying these answers in truth and love. I am open to examining other products you are using to see its' effectiveness on your skin. Thank you for sharing this article and I look forward to answering more of your questions. Send your questions anytime to

Love Power!
Crystal, LE

Empowering Your Beauty

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Water: Skin Care 4 Self Care

Greetings to You!

I hope you are embracing your autumn blessed. Out here in the pacific northwest (pnw) we are starting to get a little more rain and the leaves have turned into pillars of fire dancing in the soft cool wind. I notice as you may also every turn of season I tend to not feel the need to drink water. I know my body needs it. So, what is happening exactly?

The reality is we are most often chronically dehydrated and not even aware of it. By the time we actually feel thirsty we are lacking proper fluids for our skin to function. The skin cells will happily give water to the vital organs to keep you alive before it keeps your supple skin beautiful. During hotter months we thirst quicker than during cooler months. Yet we still need the same amount of water if not more to keep our bodies cool, or warm.

I've learned to drink water at room temperature year round to be consistent in hydrating my body. I drink water 15 minutes before a meal and 30 minutes after a meal. Anytime I feel the urge to snack, I drink water first! Sometimes our bodies are looking for hydration and the urge feels more like hunger.

So, you don't like to drink a lot of water? Instead of other beverages try raw fruits and veggies. They contain water and your body will absorb it readily. Eating these everyday also helps keep your body hydrated.

During these times your skin may start to feel drier from moving from cold air to warm air frequently. My advice is to keep a bottle of your oil free spray moisturizer close by to spray your skin anytime you feel drier than usual. And, also keep a bottle of water handy for internal use!

Enjoy your autumn, keep drinking your water. Alkaline is best! I like the taste of spring water personally. I'll alkaline it by adding a splash of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

Love Power!
Crystal, LE

ps - For beautiful skin and body drink a minimum of half your body weight in water daily...Need more info? Click here for wellness coaching at your fingertips!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Turn Over A New Leaf

Greetings to You on this lovely autumn day,

I hope all is well. And by chance it may not be, I can assure you it is all well. October is about change and improvement. Sometimes you might not realize you are resisting the change. When the change is going in a direction you're not, it's still a change as you learn to let go and move forward on your path.

The leaves are changing right now. Your body is changing right now. Your being is changing... Imagine a deciduous tree that refused to let go of leaves in the fall. Imagine your skin refusing to let go of dead skin cells. That would become a serious problem. You see when it's time to change for some it's also a time to let go. Not everyone is an evergreen. Change and letting go is a wonderful experience giving you an opportunity to improve your being and yes, empower your beauty!

Your skin care should reflect this change. Your blessed skin is a defender to your body and a messenger for your being. Allow autumn to become your season for self care through skin care. You can learn how to bless your skin and bless yourself  in the process.

Spa Nubia has wonderful events to help you to grow and understand your connections through your skin internally and externally. Understanding your skin holistically is major step in your health and wellbeing as a whole. So go ahead! Turn over a new leaf; look, face, cell, body, & aura!

You deserve to be beautiful!
​Crystal, LE